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Influenster - Vitality VoxBox

Hey there! It's been a while since I have posted on here. Sorry for the delay! 
No worries, I have been staying true to my frugal ways. 

Today I am going to share some information on my latest VoxBox from Influenster. As I have mentioned before, Influenster provides you with the to qualify for VoxBoxes that match your lifestyle and interests. These are packages with products sent to you for testing purposes. You will then test the products, rate them and write reviews, increasing your odds of qualifying for future VoxBoxes. 

According to Merrium-Webster, the word Vitality means "a lively or energetic quality: the power or ability of something to continue to live, be successful, etc."

The Vitality VoxBox contains products that do just that. Here is a list of the items that came inside the VoxBox (I received these products complimentary from influenster for testing and review purposes):
  • First Degree Advanced Burn Cream (Retail: $5.97-$8.99)
  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (Retail: $3.99)
  • Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceremide Caplet Serum (Retail: $60 for 1 fl oz)
  • Pure Leaf Iced Tea 
  • Softlips Cube (Retail: $3.49)
  • Bikini Ready Energy Gummies (Retail: $14.99)

So far, my favorite products in this VoxBox are the energy gummies and softlips cube! I am very excited to try out the rest of the products as well! (I just hope I don't actually have to use the burn cream!)

Stayed tuned for some individual product reviews! Until then, stay frugal! 


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Also, sign up for PINCHme. Once a member, you will have the ability to request a PINCHme box approximately every other Tuesday around noon (they will email you with reminders). Once you receive the box with your products, test them and take a survey to rate each item. This is an easy and awesome way to try out new products!