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Farmer's Market Trip!

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful week and are having a nice, relaxing weekend. I spent my morning venturing to the local farmer's market for some fun and local goodies with a few friends. Here are a few frugal tips for you when you go to the farmer's market!

Shop around: Don't buy tomatoes at the first booth you see them. Walk around and comparison shop to find the best product at the best price!

Budget: I recommend only using cash when you visit the farmer's market. Take an envelope with cash to serve as your budget - when it's gone, stop shopping!

"Season Shop": In order to save money and enjoy fresher food, buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season. Check out this link to see when the best time to purchase your favorite produce is!

Reusable Bag: Bringing your own bag is a great way to keep all your purchases together! Some vendors may not have bags or charge extra for bags so this is a great way to cut down on costs while being e…