DIY Mojito Gift Basket

Hey frugal friends! Do you love a good gift basket as much as I do? Today I am sharing a fun and unique gift basket I quickly put together for under $35.

When I got engaged, a coworker put together a basket for me full of wedding planning goodies and had it ready for me the next day. She's good. That same coworker just got engaged over Memorial Day weekend. Woo! It has taken me about a week to come up with a good idea of what to do for her. This will be her second marriage so she isn't planning on having a big wedding or reception. This means wedding magazines and planning books were out of the question. Which, you know, kind of sucks since those are the easy items you can get all in one place.

I decided what better way to celebrate an engagement (or any occasion, really) than with alcohol. I decided to make a Mojito Gift Basket!

What you'll need:

Mojito Mix OR Club Soda - $6
  • I got the Powell & Mahoney Mix which is about $9 online and $6 at Target
  • Club Soda is the more affordable option
Rum - $13

Mint Plant OR Mint Leaves - $5
  • I decided to go with a mint plant instead of picking up leaves in the produce section at the grocery store. Not only does it look better in the basket but it will be a gift that keeps on giving.  
Limes - 3 for $1

Basket - $6
  • Baskets are expensive! I found this one at TJ Maxx for a reasonable price. If you have one around the house you don't use or recently received, use that and it's free!

Optional Add-on Items:


Arrange all the items in the basket the way you would like them.
Add as much décor (tissue paper, ribbon, etc.) as you please and you are good to go!

Since this was an engagement gift, I added a note that says:
"You two are "mint" to be - have a mojito on me!"

Do you guys have a go-to gift basket idea? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know what your easy and budget-friendly ideas are!

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