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Frugal Gift Guide: Beer Lover

Need some gift inspiration for the beer-lover in your life? You have come to the right place. 

This post is dedicated to helping you figure out frugal gift ideas for your beer loving friend, significant other, or father figure in your life. Those people are the best, right? I have teamed up with my wonderful and fashionable friend Fidal over at That Son of a Beach - go check out his blog  post for some Valentine's Date outfit ideas! I can't promise that he will save you money but your outfit will be on point!

Make Your Own  Them a 6-Pack - Don't let your beer lover get tired of drinking the same beer all the time. Gift them a variety pack! I have both given and received a "custom picked" 6-pack for birthdays and know this is an awesome and affordable gift idea. You can choose individual beers to build a 6-pack at most grocery stores. I usually go to World Market or Trader Joes - they have the best selection! I am planning to give this gift to my boyfriend this year for Valentine's Day (sorry if you're reading, Trav). To make the present a little more personal and fun, I purchased a wooden beer caddy from Target to put the beers in. It was originally $7 but I found it in the Christmas clearance section for a whopping $2.10 - score!

I couldn't find one that cheap but I did find one similar here.

Beer Making Kit - They love drinking beer but have they tried making it? Help the beer lover in your life pick up a new hobby. I only know a few people who have tried this and they seem to love being able to brew beer in their home bathrooms. How prohibition-esque. These beer making kits can run anywhere from $20-$100+. I found a great one here for $24. 

Brewery Merchandise - If your beer lover has a favorite local brewery and does not have one of their shirts yet, this is a great gift idea and usually around or under $30. One of my favorite local breweries, Legion Brewing, has the coolest and most unique shirts. They are not available online but if you are ever in the Charlotte, NC area be sure to check them out. 

Beer Magazine Subscription - This is the gift that keeps on giving! Here are a few options I found: DRAFT, Ale Street News, and Brew Your Own. You have different pricing options depending on how many issues you would like to receive.

Beer Subscription - We all know that you can get wine delivered to your house monthly but did you know the same thing exists with beer? There are various subscription companies out there but my personal favorite is one that was founded right here in the Charlotte area, BrewPublik. They have recently expanded into other cities so could be available near you. They make it simple to "give the gift of beer." They have a few different gift options ranging from $60 to $195.


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