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Frugal Fiancée: First Week of Engagement

Hi frugal friends! Guess what?! Last Saturday, my boyfriend of 6 (almost 7) years popped the question. I have decided that this would be a great opportunity to share some frugal wedding planning tips and tricks. In college, I worked for an event planner and saw first hand how much money is spent on weddings. After throwing away over $4,000 in flowers one night, I knew there had to be a way to cut down on wedding costs. During this wedding planning period, I am going to do my best to find ways to help you stay within your wedding budget when it's your turn. Here is the first of many in my "Frugal Fiancée" series. 

Before I start to share tips and tricks, I will summarize how the first week of this engagement has gone for me. This has been a crazy week but I am also grateful for all the positive support we have received. 

After the proposal on Saturday night (which took place in my favorite spot on Wrightsville Beach, NC), I began to tell my close friends and family. Some people were aware of what was going on and knew beforehand while others were surprised by the news. I made sure to tell most of my family members personally with a phone call, text, or visit before posting on social media. I thought it was important for them to find out from us personally instead of a post on the internet. 

Here are the top 5 questions I was asked this week and how I handled them.

1 - How did he propose?
This is the most overwhelming question I have received. Mainly because I had to repeat the story over and over to different people. The story is long but I'll try to keep it short for you guys. 

Travis and I went to Ocean Isle Beach Easter weekend for what I thought was going to be a normal family vacation. We had briefly talked about what we wanted to do (mainly where to eat... priorities) when we were there. I suggested a picnic on the beach Saturday night around sunset. Travis hates eating on the ground and I knew he would definitely be opposed this especially since there was a possibility of sand getting in his food. He suggested a park in the area instead. I had never been to the park and didn't think it was that cool of an idea but I agreed we could try it out.  

On Friday night, we had reservations at The Parson's Table in Little River, SC (highly recommend!), and passed the park along the way. This was around the time the sun was setting and Travis asked where the sun was because you couldn't see it at all. There went our sunset picnic in the park. I mentioned how much I love the sunset at the south end of Wrightsville Beach and wished we could go there on Saturday instead. He seemed to like the idea too. So we packed up our picnic blanket along with the wooden beer crate you heard about here. We took the one hour drive to Wrightsville from Ocean Isle on Saturday afternoon and that is where it all went down.

Shoutout to Travis for dealing with me and changing all the plans at the last minute. He had the proposal photographed by The Story Creative and had to somehow coordinate all these changing plans at the last minute. I'm sure this is an indicator of how our married life will go. 

2 - When is the wedding?
I DON'T KNOW. After one week, I am still getting used to this sparkly ring on my finger and have not even begun to think about wedding dates. I was hoping to enjoy this engagement period and casually transform into a bridezilla. Unfortunately, people will try to make you think you are behind on planning within the first 24 hours and the irritated vibes make an early appearance. Sorry not sorry?

3 - Can you send a picture of the ring?
*sends a video instead* 
The ring is simple and beautiful. It is exactly what I would have picked out for myself. Travis gets an A+ on this! 

4 - How many kids are you going to have?
This question really bothers me. As much as you would like to think you have control, you can't exactly plan the answer to this question. If you are asking if we have talked about our ideas on if we want children and how many, ask that instead. I would answer that question with a yes. 

5 - Have you purchased your wedding dress yet?
LOL. No. The closest thing I have done to purchasing a wedding dress is looking back on the ones I previously pinned on my Wedding Mood Board board on Pinterest. I'll get around to it, promise.

If you are recently engaged or married and have tips to share, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your advice. Stay tuned for more Frugal Fiancée posts! 


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