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If you are reading this post on your phone, you're already a step ahead of the game. Make the most of all that time you spend on your iPhone (or android.. if you are into that) and download these money-making apps today. Shoutout to my friend Julia for being my model for this picture. She is a tan, beach lovin' gal who has a great instagram you should definitely check out! 

This is my favorite app to use to make money. I have recommended this app to all my friends. I think most of them are hesitant about making money through this. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA! If you have a reason why you don't like this app, comment and let me know. I would love to hear your feedback.

Ibotta gives you cash back on items you purchase at the grocery store. Some of these are brand specific, some are not. After grocery shopping, head home, unpack your groceries on the counter, and open the app and see if any items you purchased are eligible for a rebate. All you have to do is unlock the rebates for the items you purchased, scan the item, and your receipt. The money you make can be transferred directly to your venmo or paypal accounts once you hit $20.

They even give you $10 for signing up or using code "pduujw"

Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is similar to ibotta but has less offers. You choose which items you purchased, scan the items, and the receipt. What I like about Checkout51 is that every week there are a few produce items to choose from to earn 25 cents. You can request a check once you hit $20.

This app begins to reward you when you just walk into a store. If you open the app when you are near the entrance of a store, you will receive "kicks." These are reward points that can be used for gift cards or physical items you choose. You can also get kicks by scanning items in the store, linking your card and receiving kicks for purchases, and submitting receipts. Sign up here to start earning today!

I mentioned Poshmark in this post a while back. This app is a great way to make money using your phone. All you have to do is take a few pictures of clothes, shoes, and accessories you no longer want and post them with the price you are hoping to sell the item for. Buyers can purchase or make offers on your items.

Poshmark does take a percentage of what you sell but it is okay since they do most of the work and email you the prepaid shipping label. Once you print the label, you package up the item and take to the post office or schedule a pickup through USPS. If you don't have cardboard boxes around your house, order some for free through the USPS website. THey will deliver priority boxes right to your door, free of charge! Once your item is received and approved by the purchaser, you will get paid.

When you begin to make money through this app, you can use the credit to make purchases, send the money to your bank account, or request a check. If you use the invitation code "BXEYP" when you sign up, you will receive a $5 credit to use toward your first purchase. Check out my closet and start "Poshing" today.

You can use this app to sell items you have around the house that you do not want or need any longer. Users sell cars, electronics, furniture, etc. If you have "stuff" around the house that you never use, it might be a good idea to post it on letgo and see if your trash is someone else's treasure. Please keep in mind that you will be meeting up with strangers if you decide to use this app to sell items. It is a good idea to always meet in a public place if possible and have a friend or family member go with you.

Pinecone Research
This site rewards you 300 points for each survey you take which is equivalent to $3 when you cash out. You can transfer your balance to Paypal and use it online shopping or transfer to your bank. See if you qualify to become a survey taker here.

How do you make money using your phone? I would love to learn about new apps or websites that are giving away cash for simple surveys or tasks. Comment below and let me know what you do to make extra cash using your phone!

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