Friday Favorites: Face Masks

Happy Fri-yay! I have had a lot of questions about what face masks I use and have decided to shine some light on a few of my favorites today. While these may not seem like the cheapest options for face masks, they are definitely not the most expensive and are the best exfoliating face masks I have found.

I just recently received this mask complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. I love being a part of Influenster since I get to try out new products without having to purchase them. Talk about #FrugalGirlSolutions! I was excited to try this mask out because I have been embracing the charcoal trend. The mask is easy to apply and dries quickly. It also changes colors as it dries on your skin, so you can visually see when the mask is ready to be washed off. You can immediately feel the results of this mask. My skin was left soft, smooth, and less red. I would highly recommend this mask. It is the most gentle exfoliating/detox mask I have ever used.

Arbonne Sea and Mud Mask 
Have you guys heard of Arbonne? It is a company that is kind of on the down low. I went to my first Arbonne "workshop" about 5 years ago. While this does seem like just another Mary Kay or Avon-type company at first, I can assure you, it's extremely different. The company focuses on education and doesn't call gatherings "parties" but "workshops" instead. I truly love how I learn something new about skincare or overall health with every workshop I attend. Anyway, to the mask... this mask is awesome! It is extremely detoxifying and you need to stay hydrated before and after using this product. My consultant, Jessie, says you should only use once a week due to how powerful it is. With that being said, I have fairly sensitive skin and enjoy using this mask quite often. This is the most expensive mask I have on the list but also has the cleanest ingredients. While I am a frugal girl, I have learned that it is important to splurge on some items and skincare is one of them.
*Update: I just found out this mask was discontinued and I am so sad about it. I talked to an Arbonne consultant and found out they re-doing their products to include even better ingredients and essential oils.

LUSH Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask - $12 (5.2oz)/$23 (11.4oz)
The smell is the best thing about this mask but I would not recommend it for everyone. My favorite time to use this mask is right before taking a shower as it is a messy to remove and coffee grounds will get everywhere! It is a thick mask so use sparingly and carefully on your skin. The caffeine in the mask will wake up your skin and leave it feeling both soft and smooth.

What are your favorite face masks to use? I am always looking for new ones to try out and would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below and give me some recommendations.

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