Stitch Fix - Number One

Stitch Fix is a company that sets you up with a personal stylist and sends you clothing based on the style profile you create through their website. Once you schedule a fix, a stylist will look through your style profile, your pinterest boards, and any suggestions you have sent them. You will then receive five handpicked items based on your taste, budget, and lifestyle. After you try on the items in your box, you keep what you want, and return the rest, without even leaving the house! 

Being the frugal person I am, I never thought the day would come when I would order a Stitch Fix. I knew there was a twenty dollar stylist fee and I heard the items they send are very expensive. BUT, I ended up doing it anyway at the beginning of December (I apologize for the delayed post). I knew I would be helping a friend out if I ordered since the company has an awesome referral program. She received a twenty-five dollar credit since I signed up through her link and ordered my first fix. Another way I justified my order was treating it as if it was a graduation present to myself.

Treat yourself and order a fix today! Once your fix arrives, you should choose to keep at least one item since you can apply your twenty dollar stylist fee towards your purchase. If you don't purchase anything, you lose it. Keep in mind that if you aren't satisfied with the items in your fix, you could ask your friends if they would be willing to purchase them or use them as presents for birthdays or holidays! If you keep all five items, Stitch Fix will discount your order by twenty-five percent! Onto the details of my first fix...

The first thing I noticed when I received my fix was the package. I absolutely loved the Stitch Fix box. It's simple on the outside but magical when you open it up. The clothing items are neatly folded and wrapped up like a present. Along with the clothing items, you receive a small note from your stylist saying hello and explaining why these items were chosen for you. Also included are style cards showing how to wear each item and a breakdown of pricing for all items included in your fix. 


At first glance, I loved everything except for the red tank top. I started with the jeans. My first thought was that they were too long but I cuffed them and used them as the bottom of my outfit when trying on the tops my stylist sent. After a while, the jeans grew on me and I began to love them. I just could not bring myself to pay for them (they were over $100). Maybe one day I won't let my frugality get the best of me...

I wasn't crazy about the pattern on this shirt and when I tried it on, I felt like it made me look bigger than I was, which is NEVER a good thing. Also, the three-quarter length sleeves were somewhat annoying to adjust so this item was an automatic no. I was right about the red tank top; it also made me look larger than normal and was see-through. Therefore, it was also an automatic no as well. 

My two most favorite items were the necklace and the grey & black sweater. Even though I loved the sweater, I felt like I could find something similar at a cheaper price, it was $68, and I wasn't crazy about how low it hung in the front. I had been on the hunt for a long necklace so it was perfect that my stylist included this in my fix. The necklace was the only item I kept and I have already worn it five times! It was perfect to wear with my graduation dress!

Have any of you guys tried Stitch Fix? If so, did you like what they sent? I am excited to try this again when I have a little more money in my pockets and a special occasion my stylist can help me dress for! 

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